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About Us


The journey of Brisbane Tiling &waterproofing began as the enthusiasm of a couple of tradespeople with the vision of offering incredible and premium tiling and waterproofing services at affordable rates. Within no time, our dedication and professionalism have turned us to the top and most reliable company. Our team of tiling and waterproofing experts have years of experience and equipped with most advanced equipment, hardware, and technologies.

We are the most exceptional tiling and waterproofing company located in Brisbane, Australia, capable of meeting any of your requirements successfully and cost-effectively. We offer a variety of high-quality tiling and waterproofing services like pool tiling, wall, and floor tiling, bathroom renovations, shower repairs, etc. We are very proud that we have been serving the people of Brisbane for years with high levels of proficiency, professionalism, and inexpensiveness.

Moreover, unique styles are new tiling procedures implemented by our team that can help achieve your dream of perfect tiling and waterproofing experience. Before starting a project, we provide no-obligation consultation service to correctly understand your needs and determine the best possible solution, service period and cost estimation.

Members of our team are fully aware of their responsibilities, and we warrant the outcome of our services beyond our expectations. Customer satisfaction is all we strive for, and we will ensure that you accomplish your objective efficiently and effectively. For additional information, call us today to get a detailed insight into our services and conduct of work.

We are fully aware that the tiling and waterproofing project is a significant investment. Everyone will want to get the best revenue out of their investment. With Brisbane tiling and waterproofing, you will receive the best value of your money. Immense experience and knowledge of our specialists will ensure enhancement in the aesthetic beauty of your home, making it more eye-catching.

Our premium services at affordable rates always keep us ahead of our competitors, charging hundreds of dollars for mediocre services. Our years of experience and modern strategies make us stand apart from other companies in the tiling and waterproofing industry. Hence, for any tiling and waterproofing needs, give us a call today! We will be the one to fulfil your needs to your satisfaction.

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