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Bathroom ideas Brisbane should always be great in the eyes of the owner as well as visitors. Because of this, cooperation should be built between the homeowner and the service provider. Before the creation or restructuring of your bathroom, there several factors that you must consider as they will be beneficial to your dream design. 

Aspects to look at 

Designing a bathroom is not an easy task. It should be sturdy, as well as jaw-dropping at the same time. To maximize a bathroom’s design, a person should look at harmony, colour schemes and lighting, as this will determine whether a design is good or bad. 

Harmony in Bathrooms 

Harmony in any area gives off the feeling of relaxation and peace. It is achieved by repeating images or objects that have patterns that naturally occur within them. Harmony can be best achieved through tiles, as these materials are determined to be a general pattern even during the installation process. Thus, a bathroom should have tiles that can help bring comfort to the eyes. Similarly, harmony can be broken to produce equally amazing results. By applying a unique design to a pattern, you will have various paths to modify a seemingly dull design. 

Colour Schemes 

Colour schemes make or break a design’s integrity. As a general rule of thumb, you should follow a palette to make sure that the colours of your bathroom match with each other. Poorly designed bathrooms have colour schemes that are painful to look at, and this should always be avoided at all costs. There are also options in tiles that can modify colours, so make sure to check your service provider’s catalogue. Also, different textures such as gloss, flat, and shine can give off varying ambiences, so you should never neglect them in thinking about bathroom ideas Brisbane. 


Lighting is a very underrated aspect of bathroom design. People should always keep in mind that a bathroom is not all about tiles and furniture, since lights play a huge role in beautifying these areas. Light is directly related to our vision and sense of beauty, so proper usage of this element can bring out the best in your bathroom. Can divide this element into two parts: artificial and normal. Artificial lights are fixtures, lamps, or bulbs: any human-made system powered by electric signals. These are great at creating a feeling of additional space in the bathroom. Natural light includes sunlight and other sources from nature. These elements also provide significant improvements to mosaic and ceramic tiles, and must always be considered in any bathroom ideas Brisbane. 

Porcelain and Ceramic Beauty 

Having porcelain-based and ceramic based designs always results in a luxurious looking bathroom. These elements are known to be used by the high classes in society, and they are always great additions to the overall look of a bathroom. Also, ceramics go well with bathroom tiles, as both are shiny and glossy to look at. By combining ceramics and porcelains with different stone tiles such as marble, granite, and limestone, the result can be astonishing. Application of this bathroom ideas Brisbane is not only limited to the bathroom, as it can be used for kitchens as well. 

Dazzling Geometry 

Another great way to spice up a bathroom is by using tile patterns. When tiling the ceiling, wall, floor, or any other spaces that you want to highlight, it is always a good idea to apply geometry in your tiles as it will provide an excellent avenue for focus. Typical tiled pattern and shapes include hexagon, pentagon, and even line streaks that match well with neutral shades. These are relaxing to the eyes as the brain recognizes them as familiar objects. Also, if you desire to improve your toilet countertop, it can be a good idea to add a geometric painting above it. 

Pebble Tiles 

Pebble tiles are excellent in providing accents and highlights in a specific part of a bathroom ideas Brisbane. It could be a curtain wall, corner, or even a ledge that you want to optimize or beautify. As seemingly rough and grainy substances, they provide high contrast to shiny and glossy tiles. That is why combining both can be a good idea. Generally, pebble tiles are considered as an organic design, and it functions like stone tiles. Adding several plants or a touch of natural light can produce results that will surely make your visitor’s jaws drop. We suggest do have an open window or transparent wall, as a natural view can amplify the elegance of a pebble tile.  

Differently Colored Tiles 

Tiles are very flexible materials. They come in many colours, types, shapes, and patterns. Thus, it is possible to combine multiple tiles even though they have different palettes to create an attractive and astonishing wall or ceiling. This design does particularly well when combined with a unicolored bathroom. The newly installed multicoloured tiles will be highlighted and focused. By creating a tile collage on your desired area, a previously bland bathroom will turn to an eye-catching one! Colours also have different emotional and mental benefits, so having multiple instances of them can be very practical. Overall, this is a versatile entry in bathroom ideas Brisbane, and should not be neglected. 

Storage Areas and Tiling Where Two Walls Meet 
Bathroom renovation done in Brisbane with porcelain tiles and cabinet

Storage areas should always be inside the bathroom. Failure to foresee design can result in cluttering and loss of usable space. Thus, everything should be maximized to save essential areas. When it comes to the corners or the spot where two walls meet, you can have two options. One is to tile it plainly, and this results in a clean, simple, yet sleek looking bathroom. Another one is to put a storage closet or drawer in the corner. This idea saves needed space, but you should be careful in doing so since it might result in cluttering. As always, it is necessary to strike a balance between the two so that a good bathroom can be achieved. or email us at [email protected]

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