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Any bathroom should have tiles that follow a specific concept or design. Without such a guide, the result will be very messy. Before choosing a design, any homeowner should be wary of specific design principles that can affect the beauty of a bathroom. Knowing this topic will significantly help your renovations and refurbishings

Significant Tile Properties to Observe 

Tiles have specific properties that make them stand out against other materials. All these things must be ensured so that a tile can serve you for a long time. These are tile life, colour, and tile material. 

A Tile’s Endurance 

It is a fact that tiles are known to break and crack. As materials that are easily broken, they need to be protected with additional layers of durability. A bathroom’s attractiveness will be neglected if your tiles deteriorate quickly, so you should take note of some steps to ensure its health. If you can, purchase tiles that are expensive or high-quality. It is better to spend more on pricey tiles rather than be riddled by tile issues or problems in the long run. 

Frequently, tile installers guarantee a tile’s endurance with the use of advance methods in waterproofing. This helps prevent the elements of nature from entering a tile system, thus, increasing its lifespan. For the best preservation of tiles, you should always turn to the most competent tiling and waterproofing team. Never hire beginners in the craft as they will provide more issues instead of benefits. Remember that our team is always ready to turn your bathroom tile ideas into reality. 

Tile Color and Shades 

A tile’s colour provides it with gloss and glimmer. It helps reflect light directly, so it increases the overall attractiveness of the material. Without colours, a tile will be boring and bland. Thus, choosing the appropriate shades and schemes are essential in creating comfort rooms. Keep in mind that colours can be a driving factor of human emotions, so you should always design your bathroom based on the feelings that you want to portray. Also, never make use of multiple colour schemes. Just pick one and stick to ut. 

Tile Material or Type 

Tiles are made up of different materials, types, and items. Each of them has its uses, so you should be aware of the best types for each situation. For example, stone tiles are royal-looking, and they go well with natural elements such as potted plants or trees. On the other hand, ceramic tiles or glass tiles are usually mixed with artificial lighting since refraction allows light to gloss. Also, it is a fact that pebble tiles are suitable for beach or forest themes since they simulate the natural terrain of these places. Overall, make sure that you tile type matches your concept for beautiful bathroom tile ideas Brisbane. 

Designs and Common Finds   

Bathroom tile ideas Brisbane are hard to think when it comes from scratch. Brainstorming is challenging since you would want to come up with an original concept and one-of-a-kind. However, this does not mean that you can not seek extraordinary bathroom tile designs around the world for inspiration. Here are some iconic tiles that are admired and praised by many bathroom enthusiasts. 

Flooring Geometry 

Tiles can come in various forms and sizes. Most tiles have a specific geometric feature embedded in them, such as patterns of shapes. Usually, tiles are square, but other people desire unique designs such as polygons and honeycombs. A great way to showcase tile patterns is through putting them as the centrepiece of the bathroom. This can be done by designing the walls with a plain pastel colour such as blue or pink, then installing small geometric patterns in the floor such as cells or herringbone. This way, all focus will be shifted on the tiles, and the pastel colours will be accepted. For the most significant impact, make use of drapes and curtains in these bathroom tile ideas Brisbane. 

Under the Sea Theme 

The ocean is seen as a beautiful and mysterious place. It is a place that piques curiosity, and it can be considered as a basis for excellent bathroom tile ideas Brisbane. If you are opting for an underwater concept, then you can make use of fish-scale patterned tiles. These tiles can make you feel that a leviathan or large sea creature is crawling underneath you, and it adds excitement to the bathroom. Furthermore, combining shades of dark green and blue and walls will amplify this feeling, giving a complete marine experience for anyone who visits.  

Marble Focus 

Bathroom renovation done in Brisbane with marble tiles (1)

Marbles are intricate and sophisticated. They serve as pillars in many great Grecian and Roman architecture, and they can prove to be amazing in modern bathrooms. For your bathroom tile ideas Brisbane, using marble as wall tiles is an excellent suggestion since it provides a neutral colour that the brain perceives as relaxing. It is a good idea to put on golden drapes or shower covers in combination with marble tiles as they blend well with each other. Furthermore, never neglect natural light in this bathroom concept since it can help in providing an atmosphere of added space. Overall, bear in mind that marble, when used carefully, will make your guest’s jaws drop. 

Blacks, Whites, and Patterns 

Blacks, whites, and greys are famous for providing a sense of space in the bathroom. These colours also go well with other shades as they are neutral. Because of this, we are having a black or white plus one shade of blue, green, yellow, or pink results to classy bathroom tile ideas Brisbane. Remember that a good dark and light contrast in tile colour and grout is suggested so that the overall design will not be boring. Accentuate this idea with the use of patterned paintings in the wall. Blacks and whites bring the best out of patterns since these shades provide dissonance to the design. In all of your bathroom tiling and designing needs, contact our team since we are more than willing to help you. 

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