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It’s the dream of every homeowner to keep their home looking elegant from outside in. However, most of them tend to overlook their backyard, poolside, front yard, and patio decking flooring, yet they are essential features of their home. 

Others don’t know that several flooring options can enhance the look of their home, thus making it hard for them to make an informed decision on the best exterior flooring. 

However, there are plenty of options, and this post will share specific flooring types for your patio deck. 

Pool tiling job done in Brisbane with concrete finish pool surround tiles

How to Enhance the Value of Your Outdoor Space  

One of the biggest mistakes that most homeowners commit is by installing a patio that is too bland or grand for their home. 

The patio should match the style and value of your property and the neighbourhood. Therefore, avoid outpricing the market, your home, and the neighbourhood by installing a super fancy patio. 

The following are the best ways of making your home more appealing. 
  • Avoid oversized patio in a small backyard because it makes the property look awkward. 
  • Patios should be constructed beside the home instead of standalone. It makes it easy to walk out of the patio into the house.  
  • The door leading to the patio should be approximately 15-30 steps from the kitchen. This makes it easy to bring food into this space.  
  • Barricade your patio whenever possible to ensure that it’s offering serene privacy. 
  • Always keep the space looking tidy by cleaning it regularly, adding a coat of paint now and then to give it a lustre after years of wear and tear. 
  • Put the right patio furniture to boost the appeal of this area. 

Patio flooring is another critical factor in creating a comfortable and classy outdoor space. 

The following are some of the best flooring materials for your patio.  
Ceramic and Porcelain Tile  

Natural stone and wood patios have attracted a lot of attention in recent years because of their elegant appearance. Therefore, you are likely to see these flooring in most places.  

What you didn’t know is that most of these materials are not real natural stone and wood but tiles. Today, technology presents synthetic tiles such as porcelain and ceramic tiles that resemble every element of these natural materials. 

Therefore, most of the patio tiles you see around are exterior porcelain tiles that have enhanced durability and texture than natural materials. Tiles are ranked based on the PEI rating, and it’s possible to get superior quality of both worlds.  

  • These tiles are less costly, yet they can give you a natural look like wood and a gorgeous stone-like look 
  • Their elegant appearance and comfort enhance the value of your property. 
  • They are very easy to keep clean and maintain because they are sealed to make them non-porous, thus less stain and moisture resistant. 
  • Although they are excellent outdoor flooring options, they don’t tolerate certain elements such as severe weather conditions like extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Therefore, basic ceramic tiles can become damaged while porcelain tiles can withstand the weather up to a certain degree. 
  • These tiles are incredibly slippery; thus, they shouldn’t be installed on the pool surroundings or other areas prone to a lot of moisture content. 
Artificial Grass Deck Tiles 

There exist artificial grass rolls and grass deck tiles. Having these grass tiles gives your deck the lush greenery and makes it comfortable and classy for your family and friends. 

It’s ideal for homes with a small or no yard space, yet they want to have a garden-like experience. The option has no maintenance for the tiles interlock easily, and self-draining thus beneficial even on rainy days. 

The grass is entirely pet-friendly, and your family will enjoy and fill comfortable resting on it. 

  • There is no trimming, mowing, and watering. 
  • The grass is pest-free because the atmosphere is not conducive for creepy crawlies and bugs.  
  • Its green throughout the seasons, thus your family can enjoy a green yard all year round. 
  • You save on watering and maintenance.   
  • The initial investment is high, although, over time, they will pay for themselves due to low maintenance.  
  • They are a synthetic version, and you may prefer the natural grass despite its maintenance cost. 
Brick Flooring  

Bricks offer you different patterns and colour options for the flooring of your outdoor flooring space. These building materials create a unique outdoor fireplace, and a cozy patio thus gorgeous outdoor flooring option. 

  • It’s a durable flooring material that holds up well to foot traffic. 
  • Bricks are long-lasting if installed correctly; however, they are quite expensive in the short-term. 
  • Natural brick adds to the unique feel of your outdoor space, and they add more personality and character as they age. 
  • The material is naturally slip-resistant. 
  • Bricks are warmer than stones. 
  • They are naturally porous and must be sealed to make them water-resistant. 
  • They are hard to replace.   

Concrete is a long-lasting paving material, hence suitable for your outdoor flooring environment. You can use it to create different style designs. 

Patio tiling job done in Brisbane with concrete finish porcelain tiles
  • Concrete is a sturdy flooring material that can last for more than 50 years, especially if you reseal it regularly to minimize the absorption of water.  
  • It’s less costly to install and maintain as compared to tiling materials.  
  • You can create unique styles that will last long, thus enhancing your home’s aesthetic value. 
  • The flooring material requires regular resealing. 
  • The concrete floor develops cracks over time. 
Composite Wood decking 

The composite wood decking is also known as wood-plastic composite decking because it’s formed from wood fibres covered with plastic. The material is a high performance and doesn’t have challenges experienced with traditional wood   

It’s the most versatile regarding appearance; thus, it gives your patio floor a homey feel and a polished, modern look.   

  • The composite deck material is long-lasting because it can withstand severe weather conditions without extra protection or treatment. 
  • Composite deck tiles don’t disappoint because they look luxurious, thus making your patio cozy, relaxing sitting area. 
  • The material is made to be fire-resistant, unlike wood that burns quickly. 
  • They have low maintenance because you’re only required to clean them with soap and water.  
  • The flooring material is very costly when compared to other options available in the market.  
  • Composite wood-look decking fades over time due to UV rays, high foot traffic, and weathering. 
  • The composite deck products get deep gouges and severe scratches, thus degrading its appearance. 

You can contact Brisbane Tiling and Waterproofing for custom tiling designs for your outdoor space. The well trained and experienced workers will fulfil all of your flooring and waterproofing needs. 

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