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Our outdoors are our pride. We as Australians like to spend our time outdoors more than anyone. Thus, an excellent looking patio, pool deck, or even a well-done balcony is a source of joy. Our backyard patios or grilling area is where we socialise with our friends and relatives. Thus, having a comfortable and appealing exterior is all the more critical. And tiling infuses that lux element in your surroundings. Nicely done tiling brings liveliness and creates harmony amongst all other design elements. Thus, here we are giving away tips to choose the best outdoor tiling Brisbane.  

Pool tiling job photo taken in Brisbane with pool surround pavers

Is there a difference between Outdoor tiles and Indoor Tiles? 

Their resilience and texture define outdoor Tiles.  

Outdoor tiles have to face the Sun and the rains. Indoor tiles do not face harsh weather and alternating temperatures. Thus, outdoor tiles have to be more durable than indoor tiles. 

Also, outdoor tiles are usually more roughly textured than indoor tiles. This gives a good grip while complimenting the outdoor-ly feel. 

Thus, take care to choose only outdoor tiles for your patio or balcony. Otherwise, the tiling may not last long. 

Factors to consider while choosing the best outdoor tiling Brisbane 

Here are a few factors that will help you zero down to the best outdoor tiling Brisbane. So, let’s start straight away: 

#1: Budget Considerations: 

Yes, that is the starting point of the map. You need to know your budget to start planning your tiling job. For example, $20 per square foot can look as affordable, but soon it may add up to quite a mammoth. So, choose carefully. 

#2: Usage and Placing: 

Yes, another priority is where the tiles will be placed and how they will be used. For example, tile that goes so well on your pool deck may not go well for your patio. Also, a tile that goes great for your friend’s patio, may not work that well with yours, and there can be several reasons for that. 

#3: How’s the weather? 

Weather plays a vital role in deciding the best outdoor tiling, Brisbane. If you have got lots of rain, then the tile must have lots of grips too. If you have too much Sun, then your tile must be able to take the heat too. Therefore, choose a tile while thinking about the weather conditions in your area. 

#4: The lighting condition of your outdoors: 

If you are going to tile in a place where there is lots of light, then placing light coloured tiles there can be a mistake. They can create too much glare, and that might not be visually appealing. Also, if your outdoors is within the shade, then, putting in more dark colours, can lead to a gloomy area. 

So, study your light requirements, as those can affect your tile’s colour and texture specifications. 

#5: Think the scale of your project: 

Think about the area you want to cover. If there is a small space, you can try using lighter colours and big tiles. These will give an impression of a bigger space. Also, if you have a bigger space, then you have a more extensive range of options as you can use both small and big tiles. 

But anyways large-size tiles like of the range of 600 x 600 can anytime provide a beautiful aesthetic to your outdoors.  

#6: The style and colour of your house: 

The last consideration for your outdoor tiling Brisbane project is the style and colour of your house. The features of your tile should match the overall style of your house. Also, you may not want the colour of your tile to exactly match your house. But it should complement the rest of the colours around. 

Keeping all of these simple factors in mind, you can zero in to the exact tile that your patio or balcony needs. 

Tiling Options for Outdoor Tiling Brisbane: 

Outdoor tiling Brisbane is continuously evolving. And people are experimenting with different materials. So, here are some of the tiling options that look great and are evergreens

#1: Porcelain: 

Porcelain is a great outdoor option. It is vitreous, dense, and durable. But there are indoor porcelain tiles and outdoor ones. Indoor ones have a glossy finish, while free ones have a textured format.  

#2: Ceramic: 

Tight on budget? Try ceramic tiles. But also keep in mind that ceramic tiles are meant for light weather conditions and covered outdoor areas. Also, there is a lot of different variations in the type of ceramic tile, so watch out and take only the excellent quality outdoor tile. I am sure you may find a good deal with that. 

#3: Travertine: 

Travertine is a sedimentary stone. It is beautiful and magnificent for outdoor pool areas. Its white colour accentuates beautifully with the pool’s aqua colour. Also, it is cumbersome and dense. Lastly, the tile has a pitted texture. Thus it collects dirt with time.  

#4: Quarry: 

The quarry is another evergreen tile for your patios. It is excellent when it all comes to taking in heat. And is also non-slip. Quarry tiles, however, soak in slipover liquids very quickly. So, staining is a problem with them. 

#5: Slate:  

Slate is another sedimentary rock. It comes in many shades and colours. From dark blacks and greys to bright oranges and greens. So, it can match any colour scheme you have. 

#6: Concrete: 

Concrete is a great cost-effective option. What makes it so is that it can be moulded and coloured to look exactly like a stone. Yes, stone-like look, well within your budget! But you would have to seal it with a sealant and that too regularly.  

There are many other options for outdoor tiling. But to avoid the confusion, here are the six best outdoor tilings Brisbane options.  

Outdoor tiling job done in Brisbane with travertine outdoor tiles


Tiling can give a fresh and lively feel to your outdoors. Also, tiling is a big decision as it comes with a considerable investment. So, choose wisely and ask your designer or tiling contractor all the required questions. Once you are contented, go ahead with your decision and give your house the love it deserves.  

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