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Pool Tiling


Your pool provides you with a haven to shred all your anxieties and relax after a long stressful day. For some people, it is an ideal place to spend their morning and evening to achieve peace of mind. On the other hand, pool space serves as a favourite place to throw parties and host social events. Notwithstanding its purpose, our specialists at Brisbane tiling &waterproofing fully understand the role pool space plays in boosting the aesthetic beauty of your backyard and overall look of your house. We will make sure to provide such extraordinary outcomes for your tiling needs that will surpass your expectations.

Pool Patio

The pool patio is perhaps the most significant surface in your pool space. It is, without a doubt, the most notable feature of the pool.  It will always seem prominent whenever you walk into your backyard. Because of its immense significance in shaping the look of your backyard, it should be stunning and tempting. Contact us today. We will take care of all your pool tiling needs from the upgrading of the existing pool patio to the installation of the new one.

Pool Designs

Pool design is critical in establishing the worth and charisma of your house. Moreover, the perfect pool design is appealing and pleasing. Our tiling experts at Brisbane Tiling & Waterproofing offer a wide range of pool tiling designs that will fulfil all of your requirements. We also provide customizable designs for bringing your dream pool design to reality.

Waterproofing Options

Swimming pool waterproofing is as essential as pool tiling. It ensures the protection of the pool surface from water leakages as well as unexpected incident around the pool. Waterproofing experts at Brisbane Tiling & Waterproofing will make your pool surface secure for decades though membrane systems like Polyurethane membranes, Acrylic-polymers membranes, etc. Our team will furnish the desired results that will make you satisfied for upcoming years.

Dedicated to Efficiency

When you hire our trained staff for pool tiling and waterproofing job, we take it as a serious responsibility and always strive to deliver the best end product. At Brisbane Tiling & Waterproofing, we highly value confidence, dedication, competency, high work quality, and professionalism. We never compromise on these attributes while performing our job. We are well aware that you are spending a lot of money and time to get perfect results. But no worries our team of professionals will deliver desired results competently and efficiently.

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